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Kenya and Tanzania is the original home of the safari experience. Numerous species of animals and varieties of plants are found on regions’ landscape. Going a Kenya and/or Tanzania safari is the first step towards realising the untamed beauty of this East African region.

  The diversity of Kenya is further reflected in its native people. There are a number of communities, each having distinct cultures and traditions. Kenya and/or Tanzania safaris offered by Flamingo safaris gives you a chance to explore the beauty of the Kenyan and/or Tanzanian people through cultural safari packages.

Mountain Climbing Safaris

Mountain climbing safaris with Flamingo safaris gives youMountain Climbing safaris the chance to scale some of the highest Mountains in Africa. Flamingo safaris is your ultimate guide and companion in plannning a Mountain climbing safari within the East African region. Mt. Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro are the two most popular mountains among mountaneers within the East Africa region.

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Kenya Safari Packages

>>4 nights Kenya safari: Amboseli & Tsavo - Starting from $ 2,000 per person

>> 4 nights Kenya safari: Mombasa, Tsavo, Taita Hills - Starting from $ 1,600 per person

>> 7 nights Kenya safari: Nairobi, Samburu, Aberdares, L. Naivasha & Masai Mara - Starting from $ 2,100

>> 2 nights Kenya safari: Masai Mara.

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Unique Safaris Packages; to give you a unique Safari experience.

Your Safari Guide in Kenya and Tanzania:  

Kenya and Tanzania are part of the larger East Africa region. Nairobi is the most popular departure point for most Kenya safaris and combined Kenya-Tanzania safaris. From Nairobi, access to the various safari destinations in both Kenya and Tanzania is most favourable. Kenya and Tanzania safaris last for a number of days, enough to give visitors the chance of exploring the untamed wild of this beautiful region. 

The Namanga border to the South East (which is approximately 160 km from Nairobi and 100km from Arusha) and Isibania border (South West) are the major crossing points to and from Kenya and Tanzania.

Kenya and Tanzania safari destinations such as Masai mara game reserve and Amboseli National Park are found within ecosystems overlapping both countries.

Sample the different Kenya and Tanzania safaris packages we have to offer and………… make your choice.

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Customer Testimonials

“My family and I had five wonderful days in July 2010 on safari in the Masai Mara. We saw a phenomenal array of wildlife and had an interesting trip to the Masai Mara village.  We benefited from Steve's extensive knowledge of the park and he had an uncanny knack of sniffing out the locations of the
 wildlife.  The days were ........”

-- John, Karen, Daniel and Hannah - Great Britain

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3 nights: Masai mara safari.

This Kenya safari gives you a chance to experience the masai mara game reserve. With multiple game drives each day, you will have the chance of seeing a great array of wildlife.   

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6 nights: Masai mara/Samburu safari.

Six nights Kenya safari starts from Nairobi, from where you proceed to Samburu National reserve. Depart for Masai mara after three nights stay in Samburu, via the Great Rift Valley.

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4 nights: Nairobi/Masai Mara/L. Naivasha safari.

The first night of this Kenya safari will be spent in Nairobi, thereafter head for the Masai mara where you will spend two nights and finally in L. Naivasha for one night.

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7 nights: Nairobi/Samburu/Mt. Kenya/L.Nakuru/Masai mara.

This seven days Kenya safari gives you a taste of the best safari destinations in Kenya. Game drives at each destination.

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